School Infrastructure Development

Amongst various social initiatives, undertaking School WASH programme is new & pioneering intervention of SATHI.  Key aim of the programme  is to provide child friendly infrastructure as well  as  safe  water, better  sanitation & hygiene facilities in govt. primary schools &  Aaganwadis in  rural regions of  Himachal Pradesh. Till date,  SATHI with financial support of ITC ltd under  Mission Sunehra Kal initiative  implemented  school WASH  activities  in  15 schools & 08 Aaganwadis of  Manpura  ( Baddi)  industrial area of Nalagarh block of district Solan (HP).

Under Mission Sunehra Kal prgramme, School WASH activities carried by SATHI are:  Construction of boundary walls, child friendly toilet blocks & urinals , Hand wash station, new kitchens & mid-day meal stations, TLM BALA paintings , class rooms repairs ,  Electricity fitting &  Other maintenance works in School-Aagwanwadi  building. In addition, SATHI also sensitized the School management committee & child cabinet for O&M of created assets, collection of school maintenance fund, maintaining proper cleaningness- sanitation in school premises.  Through provision of soap banks in school-Aaganwadis, children’s are sensitized for adoption of healthy –hygienic practices etc.  The number of schools/Aagwanwadis covered under school WASH programme is as follows:-

  • Schools Covered (Education Block Ramshahar, Distt Solan, HP) :  15 Nos.
  • Aaganwadis Covered ( Development Block  Nalagarh , Distt Solan, HP): 8 Nos.

In addition, under sanitation promotion activities of MSK, SATHI with support of local community constructed 280 no. sanitary toilets for poor & marginalized families and made  15 villages 100 % ODF in Nalagarh block of Solan (HP). Through workshop, seminars & village meetings, community is sensitized for regular use of toilets and cleaning ness- sanitation in villages. For empowerment of women, 30 SHG of local women are formed. These groups are involved in regular saving – inter loaning & income generation activities.  SATHI has also provided skill training on income generation & onetime start up support to some most active SHGs.