School Infrastructure Development

Amongst various social initiatives, unGPS Kishanpura school1dertaking School Infrastructure Development works is new & pioneering intervention of SATHI. Under the same, SATHI with financial support of ‘ITC: Mission Sunehra Kal’ implemented school infrastructure development activities ( govt. school covered : 05 ) & sanitation works ( villages covered : 10 ) in Manpura ( Baddi) industrial area of Nalagarh block of district Solan, Himachal Prdaesh.

Initially, through RRA – PRA study, SATHI identified the status of demography, resources, sanitation and major issues in project villages as-well-as in govt. schools operational within jurisdiction. For empowerment of women 30 SHG of local women are formed & sensitized for initiating saving – inter loaning & income generation activities. Under MSK prgramme, infrastructure development activities carried by SATHI in govt. schools are:

  • GPS KishSathi School Developmentanpura: Construction of new school boundary wall (130 mrts), Plastering of old boundary wall of school (180 mtrs) , Angle iron fencing around electricity transformer at School premises, Health & sanitation wall paintings.
  • GPS Raipur Jakholi: Construction of new toilet complex ( for boys & girls), Kitchen repair, Hand wash station, Bore well for drinking water arrangement, White wash in school building, Electricity fitting & Other maintenance works in School building , TLM Paintings .
  • GPS Manpura: Renovation of Toilet complex including installation of water storage tank, Kitchen repair , plastering of walls & roof in 03 class rooms, Electricity fitting , PCC layering (6-7 cm) on slab of 03 class rooms (size 15ft x 40 ft).
  • Govt. Primary School Harraipur: Hand wash station, Renovation of Toilet complex, Construction of new school boundary wall (60 mrts), white wash & BALM ( Building as learning material) Painting in entire school building.
  • Govt. Primary School Theda: Renovation of Toilet complex, Construction of school boundary wall (25 mrts), Kitchen repair, white wash & TLM Painting in entire school building.

Besides, govt. primary schools, SATHI also undertaken infrastructure development initiative in some Aganwadis which is as follows:-school

  • Aganwadi –Manpura : Angle iron fencing around electricity transformer at Aganwadi premises, electricity fitting, flooring of courtyard, Construction of main entrance gate , plastering & paint of entire aganwadi building.
  • Aganwadi Rotanwala: Construction of new building for Aganwadi including room and kitchen.

In addition, SATHI also sensitized school children’s on hand washing (before meal & after using toilet) , maintaining proper sanitation in school premises, adoption of healthy –hygienic practices etc. Under sanitation promotion activities in 10 project villages, SATHI with support of local community constructed 150 no. sanitary toilets for poor & marginalized families.Sathi School Development