Ground Water Recharge

Ground Water Recharge
Groundwater recharge or deep drainage or deep percolation is a hydrologic process where water moves downward from surface water to groundwater. Recharge occurs both naturally (through the water cycle) and through anthropogenic processes (i.e., “artificial groundwater recharge”), where rainwater and or reclaimed water is routed to the subsurface.

SATHI Intervention in Ground Water Recharge Ground-water-recharge-1

After development of its watershed model, SATHI also got success in recharging ground water. In ground water recharging SATHI has adopted simple and cost effective technology such as Contour Staggered Trenches, percolation pits, fuel and fodder Plantation, Brush wood check dams, Community ponds (Johadis), Loose boulder check dams, Crates protection walls (Gabions) and Earthen dam in the ward Katli,Thakur-Dwara, Devriya Dashana in Gram Panchayat Katli and ward Runja Bharmour and Unner Kanyana in Gram Panchayats Jamun Ki Ser .
The treatment of catchments area has been done from top to bottom and base rain water flow has been checked through engineering and vegetative measures, which has controlled soil erosion and increased the soil moisture and recharged the natural sources of water. In addition to this the ground water level and water discharge has been increased in surrounding water sources. The recharged water of the whole treated area has been collected in the two wells, provided below the earthen dam and this water is being used for drinking as well as irrigation purposes and further increased the agricultural productivity of two times more from per bigas land and villagers are becoming self reliant in food production.

For SATHIs intervention in ground water recharge, organization got Ground water augmentation award from ministry of water resources, Govt on India (GOI) in 2009.