SATHI's major achievements in the field of Agriculture, Rural Development, Quality Education & Poverty Alleviation are as follows:

Provided safe drinking water to about 25000 populations of 35 remote & backward villages by constructing more than 300 ferro-cement rain water harvesting tanks (Capacity 2500ltrs/7000ltrs), Wells, Bawaris, GI pipelines and DI hand pumps with cost effective techniques. Besides, to solve water woes of community in 06 villages of two most water scarce block of Himachal Pradesh ( Pachhad & Shilai block of Sirmour district ), SATHI also constructed 04 gravity water supply schemes & 42 Rain water Harvesting tanks (Capacity: 7000 litres each) with innovative & cost effective technology.

SATHI is accredited to introduce & disseminate innovative and affordable technology of water filtration (Bio Sand Filters) first time in Himachal Pradesh. Water filtered through BSF is 100% safe & disinfected. Till date, SATHI with its limited financial resources, has constructed & installed about 5000 Bio- Sand Filters and 185 remote villages of Pachhad, Nahan & Panota Sahib, Sirmour district (HP) & 180 filters in 15 villages of adjoining Morni Hills area of Haryana ; and made as 100 % purifier. After use of affordable BSF, there is significant reduction in rate of waterborne diseases such as Jaundice, gastro entitles & diarrhoea etc in project region and medical bills expenses also reduced up to 70-80 %. Effectiveness of BSF in eliminating water impurities is also tested by govt. agencies such as HPSPCB Laboratory, Paonta Sahib (Sirmour ) & Wadia institute of Himalayan Geology-Dehradun which confirms that BSF reduces/eliminates Total Dissolved solids, Sulphate (SO4) , Turbidity, Iron , Total Hardness and E-Coli bacteria from contaminated water.

Made significant efforts to improve community health and sanitation status in water scarce regions of district Sirmour. SATHI mobilized local community about personal health, domestic hygiene & environmental sanitation and organized various seminars – training workshops (especially on hygiene & mother-child health) & Health check up Camps etc in remote villages. To improve village sanitation status , SATHI also constructed about 51 twin pit sanitary latrines in 05 villages and made these villages 100 % ODF. Further, to improve waste water drainage & garbage disposal system, organization constructed 42 soak pits and 08 garbage pits in 07 villages.

Made significant improvement in irrigation facilities through construction of numerable Poly-lined & Brick-poly lined water tanks, Johadis, water storage tanks, Wells, Staggered Trenches and Earthen dam, etc. Besides providing irrigation facilities in remote villages, SATHI also developed successful models in underground water recharge and soil conservation by constructed innumerable Contour Staggered Trenches, Community ponds (Johadis), loose boulder check dams, Brushwood check dams, and Crates protection walls (Gabions) and earthen dam.

Initiated unique engineering and vegetative measures for environment conservation and fodder production. Till date, SATHI carried out fuel wood, fodder, fruity & medicinal plantation in about 75.5 hectares of barren land patches. Through vegetative measures the plantation survival rate has been increased more than 70% which increased the green cover. Besides, since last 15 years, SATHI has diligently mobilized the local community for environmental conservation through Seminars, awareness camps, public meetings, banner campaign etc.

Enhanced sustainable livelihood among rural communities through promotion of organic farming, SRI (System of Rice Intensification) SCI (System of Crop Intensification) and improved packages of vegetable & crop cultivation. Organization is also conducting field demonstration on improved packages of crop & vegetable cultivation (through SCI techniques) with local farmers and they are getting better yield. After SATHI interventions, agricultural productivity has increased two times more from per hectare land.

Conducted various vocational skill training programmes ( i.e. Lantana furniture making, Garment making, Beautician, Mat making, Crate technician, Electricians, Nursery raising & Poly Houses etc) for women and downtrodden group and helped thousands of youth in becoming self reliant. Besides, till date, SATHI have trained more than 2000 persons on NRM and approximately 70-80 exposure teams leading by high dignitaries from National and International level has been visited to SATHI.

Provided better educational and sanitation facilities in 56 Government Elementary schools & 12 Aganwadis of Manpura (Baddi) industrial area of district Solan (HP) through undertaking infrastructure development interventions. After SATHI efforts, 9000-10500 school children are now able to access basic facilities like better classrooms, hand wash station, safe drinking water, hygienic toilets etc within schools premises. To promote evironmental sanitation in region, SATHI constructed 230 no. sanitary toilets for poor & marginalized families and made 17 villages of Manpura (Baddi) industrial area of district Solan (HP) 100 % ODF.